6 Ways to Get Him to Emotionally Open up to You

6 Ways to Get Him to Emotionally Open up to You

Guys are commonly known to be reserved and less talkative than women. But this can be very frustrating for women because they want their man to open up emotionally just like they do. Do you have a similar problem? Take tips and find out how you can get him to emotionally open up to you.

1. Make sure that you open up to him emotionally

The best way to lead is by example; you will get your guy to open up emotionally only if you open up yourself. Get into the habit of talking your heart out to your man, just like how you would speak candidly with your best friend. This will make him more comfortable in talking about intimate things with you.

2. Show him that you can keep a secret

Your guy may not want to open up to you emotionally because he thinks that you just cannot keep a secret. Whether it is because of something that has happened in the past or because he knows that you share everything with your girlfriends, you must put his worries to rest if you want him to open up to you. Remind him time and again that you never share your personal conversations with anyone.

3. Show him that you are emotionally strong

Your man may be holding back from opening up to you because he feels that it is not worth bothering you with his troubles. He may think that his emotional issues will unnecessarily make you worry. Make it a habit to refrain from becoming too emotional on small matters and show him that you are as emotionally strong as he is.

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