4 Benefits of Spinning

4 Benefits of Spinning

Spinning workout involves riding a stationary bike at different tension levels. Unlike indoor biking of the past, the new spinning techniques and spinning equipment helps get focused workouts. You can get complete endurance training or strength training depending on the difficulty, tension and time for which you train. Listed below are some benefits of spinning:

1. Gives you a total body workout

Do you know which of the muscles get worked up during spinning? Surprisingly, almost all the muscles in the body are toned after a session of spinning. The leg muscles like thighs, calves, ankles, etc. are obviously the most strained. Apart from this, the back muscles are also exercised. Bending over a bike for 45 minutes may be strenuous at first; over time one gets accustomed to it. It is because of this that the muscles in the back are also worked out.

2. Helps lose weight

Spinning is especially useful for people trying to lose weight. Not only does it provide a continuous workout but the after effects are also beneficial. When muscles are put under strain for a long time, the muscle fibers break. The body then proceeds to repair these fibers and build new muscle. After a session of spinning, to regain the lost muscle fibers, the body works overtime and burns calories even in the repair process.

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