6 Myths about Sun Signs

6 Myths about Sun Signs

People are fascinated by sciences like astrology, numerology, tarot cards, etc. Millions of people across the globe ardently follow their day to day or monthly sun sign predictions. They love reading the traits of a person born in a particular zodiac sign. However, due to so many people involved in astrology, there prevail certain myths about people of every star sign. Here we clear some myths and sort the confusion on some star sign traits and facts.

1. Leos are brash and bold

It is commonly perceived that Leos who have the king of the jungle, the lion, as their symbol, are just like the animal in nature. They are thought to be as rulers who are bold, brash and aggressive. However, many Leos are anything but that. Yes, Leos do act aggressive when provoked but that tends to happen very rarely and they are actually gentle, peaceful souls who don’t mind following others.

2. Geminis are two faced split personalities

This is one big misconception about those born between May 21 and June 21. Since their symbol is of twins, people associate them with a dual or split personality which is perceived as being two faced. Geminis in fact keep changing their thoughts quickly because they do so for bettering the scenario as they are more intelligent than other signs and are thus able to view and comprehend things that others fail to even notice.

3. Capricornians are boring

Capricornians are thought of to be boring and staid, who are very meticulous and professional in nature. They may have such an exterior but the truth is that, they are more passionate and sensual than most of the other sun signs from deep within in reality. They probably hide this little secret underneath a cloak of oh so traditional and a no nonsense persona.

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