Never Say ‘I Told You So’ To A Friend

Never Say 'I Told You So' To A Friend

‘I told you so’ is a phrase that makes the other person feel guilty and remorseful. A woman who understands the needs and desperation of her friend would never use this phrase, no matter how true it is. There are several alternatives to using this phrase, as discussed below.

1. Accept the truth

Doing something foolish and then regretting it is what makes us all human. So, no matter how many warnings you had given to your friend or how desperately you had tried to persuade her, if she had ignored you and continued to do what she wanted to, there is no point in telling it to her now. You need to take the high road now. You must realize and understand that the deed has been done. Do not dwell upon it. Instead, figure out ways to help your friend. That is what makes you a good friend. Even if she feels guilty about not listening to you, do not make a big deal out of it. Just let it rest.

2. Give a shoulder to cry on

When your friend has ended up at the wrong juncture in her life because she took a turn that you asked her not to, do not point out the fact that she did not listen to you. Instead, lend you shoulder and let her cry her heart out. The damage has been done. So, go ahead and take steps to repair it.

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