7 Ways You May Be Harming Your Hair Unknowingly

7 Ways You May Be Harming Your Hair Unknowingly

Hair is regarded as the most beautiful ornament of a woman. That’s what distinguishes her from a man, look-wise. But many women take this ornament description way too seriously by trying out any and every product advertised in the market which is supposedly good for the tresses. Too much of anything is bad and so is too much of care for hair. Every woman has some or the other hair woe, and this could probably be because of these 7 factors that she may not be paying attention to.

1. Frequent heat exposure

If you are not a model or actress and have no such occupational hazard of frequent blow dries and ironing to bear, then you ought to cherish your natural hair by staying away from these treatments. Blow drying and ironing for an occasion, party or function once a while is perfectly alright. Unfortunately most women are so addicted to the look these treatments give, that they make their hair go through such treatments and frequent heat exposure almost every other day. Locks will only become lighter in color, thinner and dryer.

2. Coloring hair

As is the story with heat treatments, so is the case with frequent coloring of tresses. Don’t keep changing your hair color like a chameleon, and nor should you go in for monthly touch ups of root hair color. There are harmful chemicals present in the products, how much ever organic they claim to be, and they damage the hair by leading to hair fall and bad quality hair in the long run.

3. Washing hair with cold or hot water

One should always rinse the tresses with warm or room temperature water. Extremely hot or cold water harms the hair and leads to its quick degradation by drying the scalp.

4. Brushing hair multiple times

It’s a myth that to keep hair healthy and shiny, women should brush their hair with 100 strokes everyday. If you brush it more than 10 times, it’s going to result in disastrous hair fall, root damage and split ends.

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