30 Ways to Be a Better Person

30 Ways to Be a Better Person

Don’t we all wish to improve ourselves in life? We do keep thinking ‘What if I did that? Will that make me a better person?’ But we mostly don’t do it and carry on with our lives. Actually, there are simple and easier-than-you-would-imagine ways to be a better person. We have listed them here for you to have a look at.

1. Be kind to someone

It may just be a simple act of giving alms to a beggar or sweets to a kid.

2. Be grateful

Being grateful doesn’t just mean that you should feel it in you. Do something that expresses the same. Thank someone for what they did for you or just being there in your life and mean it.

3. Smile

‘A smile is worth more than a thousand words.’ So smile at a stranger on the road or smile to yourself thinking about the beautiful life you have.

4. Spread cheer

You can do this in these ways like holding the door open for someone behind you or sending flowers to your friends on a random day at work.

5. Make someone’s day

Simply make someone’s day by smiling at them or hugging them. Simple acts like these can easily make someone’s day.

6. Donate

Donate your time or money to a good cause.

7. Spend time with orphans

Forget yourself and spend time with kids. Relive your past and remember your own childhood memories.

8. Plan your goals

Whatever you do in life, you must have clear goals ahead of you. Don’t be confused in life. It will take you nowhere.

9. Give a compliment

Complimenting someone is a really good deed. Not only that person will feel good about it, but it will also make their day.

10. Offer help

Helping a disabled person to cross the road, giving your mother a hand at cooking, helping your sibling with his/her homework or rehearsal are instances of helping others.

11. Be honest

Be honest to yourself as well as others around you. You will feel good about it.

12. Don’t think negatively

Negative thoughts about yourself or others will make you see life in a pessimistic manner. You will then forget the real meaning of living life happily.

13. Be an environmentally friendly person

With the earth’s atmosphere deteriorating everyday, it will be really helpful if you do something to save Mother Nature. You can plant a tree, stop using plastic, save electricity and so on.

14. Love your work

There’s nothing better than loving what you do. Don’t do something for the heck of it or for money. These two reasons will soon fade away.

15. Push back the negative feelings

Anger, selfishness, cruelty, arrogance, etc. are some negative traits you should stay away from.

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