5 Things New Moms Should Know About New Dads

5 Things New Moms Should Know About New Dads

Right from the time you get the news that you’re expecting, both husband and wife take charge of important responsibilities. During pregnancy as the mother experiences the entire process of the development of the fetus, the father helps her and becomes mentally prepared to be a father. It all starts falling in place once the baby is born. The new mother has all the support through the changes that take place in her, but there are things you need to know about the new father too. Here are 5 things new moms need to know about new dads.

1. You are the sole support system for the new dad

During pregnancy and post delivery, you get all the support and advice from family, friends, acquaintances, books, articles and other resources. New fathers don’t get the attention that new moms get, but the fact remains that they need a lot of support and encouragement. They would totally depend on you for this support and no one else can give that to them. You need to be aware of this fact and be supportive enough at every step.

2. You must decide the level of involvement of the father

While taking care of the baby and learning how to perform the different tasks involved, the father needs encouragement. If you keep on criticizing and push him away from learning, he will not get actively involved in nurturing the baby. Instead you should be patient and correct him rather than shunning him. This way both of you will learn and know how to take care of the baby perfectly.

3. Respect the role that he is willing to play

Experiencing fatherhood and learning how to deal with it is not an easy task. You need to provide full support to your husband so that you build up his confidence. You cannot treat him in a wrong way or disrespect him during the learning process. A child needs a father as much as a mother and you need to respect him and his role.

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