How to Do a Waterfall Braid?

How to Do a Waterfall Braid?

A waterfall braid is a unique hairstyle and a gorgeous one, if you know how to get it right. You can let your hair down and not worry for a minute about flying strands. It’s also very feminine and does provide you with a different look altogether. Those with straight or wavy hair can also do this braid. So whether it’s a party, a day at college or a night out with friends, the waterfall braid works well for all occasions. Given below are the steps on how to do a waterfall braid.

1. Brush your hair

You should brush your hair with a wide-tooth comb and make sure that your hair doesn’t have any tangles left behind.

2. Part your hair

Part your hair as you normally would. But don’t do it with your hand. Instead, use a fine tooth comb and part your hair properly.

3. Start with a French braid

Now take a small section of hair from the top of your hair, preferably on the right side. Divide that part into three equal strands and start doing a normal French braid.

4. Drop the right strand

When you are done with the first step of the French braid, drop the right section. You have to do this when the left strand comes in the middle of the braid.

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