6 Plastic Recycling Tips

6 Plastic Recycling Tips

Plastic is one of the widest used materials in the modern age, so much so that domestic and economic survival depends on the everyday use of plastics. Whether they are thick disposable garbage bags, shopping bags or plastic sheets used for packaging or wrappers for candy bars, chips and bread, all daily and luxury products are packaged in plastic wrapping in different forms. Reckless disposable of plastic can cause serious environmental hazards. Hence, we’ve listed some plastic recycling tips.

1. Reuse plastic shopping bags

When you go to shopping malls or grocery stores, you don’t just buy fresh stock of bananas and milk but also load your kitchen drawer with plastics bags. Keep spare plastic bags in your car or hand bag in case you need to stop by a store before you head home.

2. Separate lids and plastic bottles

Plastic lids are not meant for recycling as the substances can interfere with the recycling process. Instead if you have children at home, you can stock them up for creating craft material, use them as coasters or decorative objects.

3. Destroy the plastic bottles before recycling

Before you add your plastic bottles to the recycle bin, crush them entirely. It makes the recycling process easier and prevents misuse of used bottles.

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