25 Things About a Girl Which Turn Guys On

25 Things About a Girl Which Turn Guys On

So you have always thought about what more can you do to sexually turn on a guy, but blanked out after the usual 4 or 5 things? Well, here is a list of 25 things about a girl that sexually turn on a guy:

1. Hair:

Nice, long, loose hair that smell incredible! Nothing is more sexier than this when you flick them around in that classy manner of yours.

2. Smile:

That naughty, mischievous, “oops-I-did-it-again” smile of yours turns a guy on instantly.

3. High Heels:

They might give you cramps and it might pain in the morning, but when you go out wearing high heels, it’s a double whammy!

4. Playing with the cherry:

Or it could be a straw, anything that involves your lips playfully circling around something.

5. Hot Butt:

This one is like the most obvious. You got a nice butt, you pass by, and you turn every single straight guy on. So work on it girl!

6. Red Lips:

Who would not want to drink out of a pair of luscious blood-red dazzling lips that are so attractive that it is hard to not stare?

7. The moves:

Guys get insanely turned on when you dance like a pussy cat doll, moving your hips and your waist!

8. Hot Black Dress:

Guys like nicely dressed up girls because their mind instantly goes to when they will take it off of you, and it tells them you are classy.

9. Confidence:

This hits them right on the head. If you are super confident, it is super attractive for him.

10. The Cool Factor:

If you can handle your beer and make offensive jokes, you’re hotness personified for a guy.

11. Nonchalance:

You appear to be indifferent like you do not care and it’s all whatever guys go crazy about!

12. Making out with a chick:

It is every guy’s fantasy to see you making out with a hot chick, and then make out with you!

13. Your techie-ness:

If you know your gadgets, and kick ass on Xbox, it turns guys on. Yes, guys are weird.

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