5 Tips on How to Shape Your Eyebrows

5 Tips on How to Shape Your Eyebrows

The way you shape your eyebrows plays an important role in your appearance. In fact, perfect shaped eyebrows make your face look more attractive. Many women are unaware of shaping their eyebrows in a correct way. Listed here are some tips on how to do eyebrows, read on.

1. Shape according to features

With tiny features, it is important to keep a thick shape. This accentuates your features. With a bigger nose, keep the eyebrows thin. This would help to make the face look attractive. If there is a gap between brow and upper lashes, then keep the shape arched. Shaping the eyebrows according to face makes the face look attractive.

2. Always start with the edge

It is important to locate the starting point of the eyebrows. Do not start from the midpoint; it will not give a perfect shape. Pluck the extra hair according to the desired shape. Use tweezers to pluck the hair. Follow a line while shaping. Do not pluck the hair randomly.

3. Shape the arch

Shaping the arch plays an equally important part in shaping the eyebrows. Shape the arch with the help of eyebrow pencil or eye pencil. This helps to define the perfect look of eyes. Pay attention to small hair at the corner.

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