18 Interesting Facts about Anne Hathaway that You Must Know

18 Interesting Facts about Anne Hathaway that You Must Know

Being of Irish and English descent, Anne Hathaway is one gorgeous actress who first created waves for her role as Mia Thermopolis in ‘The Princess Diaries’ in 2001. Prior to that, she also performed various stage roles and appeared in the TV series ‘Get Real’. After a nomination at the Academy Awards for Best Actress, for her role in ‘Rachel Getting Married’, she has set a firm foot in Hollywood. With ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, where she plays a Catwoman, a lot is expected from this stunning beauty. Let’s know interesting facts about Anne Hathaway.

1. She wanted to be a nun till she was 15.

2. She suffered from anxiety and depression in her childhood, but didn’t require medication.

3. Ayn Rand’s ‘The Fountainhead’ is her favorite novel.

4. She is allergic to cats and ironically plays a Catwoman in the upcoming Batman movie.

5. She was engaged to a real estate developer, Raffaello Follieri whom she was dating for four years until June 2008. After a few days, he was arrested for cheating investors out of millions.

6. She hates talking to strangers on the phone, even if it’s the pizza guy. She thinks it’s ‘terrifying’ to call him and place an order.

7. Her favorite actors are Ralph Fiennes and Joaquin Phoenix.

8. She is unable to digest lactose.

9. Her name is inspired by William Shakespeare’s wife Anne Hathaway.

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