7 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

7 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Women can never have enough of footwear. They may very rarely be satisfied with their clothes, but are never too happy with the kind of shoes they have, and are always worrying about the same. However, there are plenty of women who feel that quantity is more important than variety. This is a wrong approach, because you don’t want to get endless number of shoes that look the same and are only of different colors. You rather need to look at good variety, so that you can have shoes suiting all kinds of outfits and attires. Here are some of the most basic and essential shoes that women should own.

1. Flip-Flops

You’ve probably seen them around more than any other kind of footwear lately. The trend of flip-flops is viral, and is here to stay for long, simply because of the mere convenience of this easy-going, comfortable footwear. Pair them with colorful t-shirts and jeans to give a casual look, or a Bohemian look with floral printed skirts and dresses. The Hawaiian-look inspired Flip Flops also work well with Harems and straight pants, to give a trendy look.

2. Moccasins

Not entirely formal, yet not very casual, these are best paired with semi-formal shirts and jeans. These days, Mocs are available in various colors, textures and patterns, so you can also combine them with skinnys and jeggings, getting the style quotient of your feet high.

3. Pumps

One good pair of pumps, either black, or red, or for that matter golden, is a must to go in with party dresses. Black is of course the safest, as it goes with most outfits. But check on the colors you have in your cupboard’s section of party clothes, and get a color for your pumps that go with most of your clothes.

4. Ballerinas

These can be sequined, plain, or with a tiny bow, depending on your taste and the kind of look you prefer. But you must own at least one pair to co-ordinate with frill dresses, skirts, and many times, jeans, when accompanied with frill or lace tops.

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