17 Things That Change in You When You Have a Baby

17 Things That Change in You When You Have a Baby

There’s a beautiful saying that a child gives birth to the mother. It means that the moment a child is born, the woman becomes a mother and hence a mother is born too in that woman. From that moment on, things become different. Here’s a quick list of things that change in you once you become a mother.

1. Your child becomes your topmost priority. Your world starts revolving around your child and his needs.

2. You become more compassionate and loving by nature.

3. All of a sudden you find yourself capable of doing things that you never imagined you’ll ever do – like changing diapers as easily as breathing!

4. You learn to loosen up a bit as you realize that you can’t always be organized and things can’t always go as planned when you are dealing with a baby.

5. You rediscover the child in you.

6. Your life becomes more meaningful and rewarding as you know that you are responsible for giving life to the child and taking care of him/her.

7. You become less obsessed with your looks and learn to chill out about your appearance.

8. The stink and mess doesn’t bother you as much as it used to do earlier.

9. Your relationship with your husband goes to a higher level as the child enters your life.

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