6 Ways to Make Him Comfortable on the First Date

6 Ways to Make Him Comfortable on the First Date

Dating can be hard. And ironically it is usually the well-meaning, sweet and genuinely interested sort of guys who often suffer from panic attacks when on the make or break first date. Which is why it is imperative you do your bit to make things smooth sailing and comfortable so your nice guy musters the courage to take things forward with you. Here’s how you can make him comfortable on the first date.

1. Go de-glam

This might make most women’s jaws drop all the way to the floor. The first date is important! You want to look your best, sweep him off the floor and all that jazz. But you need to acknowledge that the guy who is already in awe of you might lose his bearings, rendering him unable to turn the charm on. This does not mean don’t look pretty, by all means, do your hair, fix the eyebrows, exfoliate, scrub, etc. But maybe pass on the Jimmy Choos for today! The key is to look pretty but not out of league.

2. Take initiative to make conversation

You may not be a natural extrovert. But remember how you faced that first job interview and discovered you can summon the gift of gab at will? Your first date could be something like that. You should take up the mantle of initiating small talk which leads to more interesting conversations. Later on when you’re comfortable with each other, the long, telepathic silences of enjoying one another’s company would come naturally, but for now, let the conversation flow!

3. Don’t plan an over the top outing

Expensive restaurants which boast of a good ambience do provide a good dining experience, however they are not exactly places conducive to relaxing with someone new. There is an unsaid implicit pressure to mind one’s behavior which can put some of us ill at ease. It is best to stick to a mid range venue – one that offers good food and a casual atmosphere as well.

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