8 Symptoms of Ebola Virus

Symptoms of Ebola Virus

Ebola virus is perhaps the most deadly virus syndrome in the world right now. There is no particular treatment of the virus except for extreme isolation. What starts as a mild thing can also have some severe symptoms. Listed are some symptoms of Ebola virus that you should know about.

1. Low fever

A person with Ebola virus might experience a mild fever at the start. It is often accompanied by headache and tiredness. The initial phase of the virus brings the feeling of being ill. Many would not consider this as a threat, but still it is advisable to visit a doctor if mild symptoms persist in this case of disease.

2. Fever with pain

As the virus spreads in the body, a person might experience muscle pains in the body. A high fever and muscle pain makes it quite difficult for the person who suffers from the virus. Though, the fever is constant, it also depends on initial body temperature. Muscle related pains can also get worse with time.

3. Abdominal pain

After high fever, a person may also suffer from the problem of abdominal pain. While initially the pain can subside, but this can also increase with time. Many times, abdominal pain can also worsen with signs of infection. There is also some discomfort in the abdominal area after the pain, so this also persists in Ebola virus.

4. Vomiting and loose stools

A person with Ebola virus can also experience the problem of vomiting in extreme cases. A person might also experience the problem of diarrhea in different cases. This also depends on the body resistance. Vomiting and nausea can also cause sort of discomfort as the virus spreads in the body.

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