16 Interesting Facts about Prince Harry

16 Interesting Facts about Prince Harry

Prince Harry is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II. He is the younger son of Prince Charles. Let us see some interesting facts about Prince Harry, read on.

1. Prince Harry has a keen interest in sports. He used to play rugby and polo. He has great interest in rappelling. In fact, he is an avid supporter of Arsenal football club.

2. He was approached as a counselor of state at the age of 21. He began his royal duties since then.

3. He is fond of all kinds of junk foods. His favorite beverage is coke.

4. He likes botany as a subject. He is attracted to all kinds of flowers. In fact, he has expressed his keen interest in gardening.

5. He had mentioned in an interview that he is not fond of reading books. He used to hate books when he was in school.

6. He is fond of playing computer games and video games. His favorite game on the computer is Sonic, The Hedgehog.

7. Prince Harry is fond of fishing and hunting. He is also fond of music and his favorite ‘band’ back then was ‘Spice Girls.’

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