10 Awesome Facts to Know About Brad Pitt

Awesome Facts to Know About Brad Pitt

As an actor Brad Pitt has proved his worth in Hollywood. But, after getting an Oscar award as a producer, he is over the moon. Brad Pitt confessed at the Oscars that he did not expect the award for ’12 Years a Slave’. Listed below are some other facts about Brad Pitt you will love to know.

1. Brad is a big name today. But, he has seen his struggling days as well. He did many odd jobs before he became an actor. He used to dance at the restaurant and play pool boy. He also used to serve as a chauffeur. That is why he is so grounded in life!

2. Did you know that he was banned from entering China? This was when he had played a controversial role in the movie ‘Seven Years in Tibet’. Well, this was reported in the media for quite some time.

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3. Brad is truly one dedicated actor. During the shoot of his movie ‘Seven’, he broke his arm and had a small injury. But, instead of taking a break for the injury, he requested the director to incorporate an injury scene in the movie. Hats off to his commitment and dedication!

4. Brad Pitt was a chain smoker and it took a toll on his health. He then decided to kick the butt during the making of the movie ‘Troy’. He completely gave up on smoking during the shoot.

5. Brad is well versed with Japanese language. He can speak the language fluently. He had quoted in the media once, that though he can speak and understand Japanese language, he cannot hold the conversation for too long. Brad, take a bow for that!

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