6 Fun Facts about the July Birth Flower

6 Fun Facts about the July Birth Flower

The birth flower for July is the Larkspur. It implies that all the people born in July, share this tall and spiked flower as their birth flower. The July birth flower has over 300 species which are native to most of the Northern Hemisphere and to the high mountains in the African continent.

1. Origin of Name:

The scientific name for Larkspur is ‘Delphinium.’ The word ‘Delphinium’ means dolphin in Latin and relates to the shape of the opening flower. The other common names are Lark’s heel, Lark’s claw and Knight’s spur.

2. Physical Appearance:

The July birth flower Larkspur is an all year plant and flowers between late spring and late summer. The leaves are green and deeply lobed with 3-7 pointed lobes in an open-palm shape. The flower consists of five petal-like ‘sepals’ and is found in different colors. The seeds of the July birth flower are small and shiny black.

3. Symbolic Meaning:

The Larkspur mainly symbolizes good luck. The flower also represents laughter and happiness. In ancient days, a white Larkspur would symbolize joy and happy nature.

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