17 Gemini Personality Traits

17 Gemini Personality Traits

Those who fall under the Gemini zodiac sign are born during the time period of May 20 to June 20. They are a fun-loving bunch of people known for their crazy communication skills. We give you 17 Gemini personality traits to learn more about this talkative zodiac sign!

1. They are very good friends and are often the heart of their group. When appreciated, they become even more lively and responsive.

2. They are unmatched when it comes to maintaining relationships with friends or family.

3. They cannot hide their true feelings for long because their faces easily betray what is on their mind.

4. They are dual in nature. Two very opposite things appeal to them at a time.

5. They need to put in extra effort to concentrate on their work.

6. They are witty and good at oratory skills.

7. They are very good at impressing the opposite sex in a single attempt.

8. They are flirtatious by nature.

9. They may have more than one romantic relationship and affair.

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