5 Ways to Start Becoming True to Yourself

5 Ways To Start Becoming True To Yourself

When you lie to people you may be getting out of trouble for a while but mostly you would be getting into deeper trouble. The same is holds true for staying true to yourself too. If not anyone else it is very important that you stay true to yourself. Staying true is listening to your heart and doing things that would make you happy. It is also not doing things that would hurt you or knowingly hurt the people around you. It is not a difficult thing to do as many of us think it is. Anyone can decide a day to stay true to oneself and go ahead with it. Here are some ways to start becoming true to yourself.

1. Start with the obvious-never ever kid yourself or lie to yourself thinking what you are doing is good

Sometimes we give ourselves reasons and try to convince ourselves that what we are doing is right or that the path we are taking is okay even though we know it is not. Never try to lie to yourself, once you begin this, you will start convincing yourself of every bad thing you do and will never get out of the circle. Staying true to yourself only begins when you stop lying to yourself.

2. Think of all the good that staying true to yourself can do for you

Before beginning to become true to yourself, you need to think of all the good things that would come out of it. You should also make a list of everything and paste in on the wall or the mirror-places you would see every day. This positive reinforcement would help you when you are trying to stay true to yourself.

3. Make a list of all the bad things that are happening and had happened to you because you weren’t true to yourself

Making such a list acts better than positive reinforcements at times. You would not want to repeat the same mistakes or have the same bad things happen to you. Make the list and get reminded to the importance of staying true to yourself.

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