14 Leo Personality Traits

14 Leo Personality Traits

Those belonging to the zodiac sign Leo are often known for their leadership skills and their dependability as friends. They are born during the period of July 23 to August 22. We give you 14 Leo personality traits.

1. Sincere, loyal, earnest and kind-hearted, they are the best of friends.

2. They will never ditch a friend and will always do whatever it takes to help.

3. They are proud, confident and honest.

4. They are very noble in their approach and are never seen showing characteristics of slyness or sneakiness.

5. They can often be theatrical when it comes to trivial issues.

6. If married, they are both possessive and loyal.

7. They make loving parents, though at times they may be excessively assertive, and overlook the fact that their children can have different aims in life.

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