5 Reasons It’s Difficult to be Friends With Your Ex

5 Reasons It's Difficult to be Friends With Your Ex

In life to start a new chapter it sometimes becomes essential to end the old chapter first. In order to move on from your ex and get over him you need to end contact. Many couples do try to be friends after breaking up, but it is very difficult and complicated to stay friends with your ex. You need to take a break after the breakup and end contact at least till you have moved on. Here are 6 reasons why it’s difficult to be friends with your ex.

1. Same level of expectations

When you still remain friends with the guy you have broken up with, it takes time to accept the changes. Your level of expectation from him will still remain the same and when he wouldn’t live up to it, you will keep getting hurt. You will no longer be his top priority and he doesn’t have to live to your expectations after the breakup.

2. The jealousy factor

Once the breakup is done you wouldn’t have the right to stop your ex to talk or meet other girls and make new female friends. Since you are trying to remain friends you will have each other’s updates and whereabouts. You will feel jealous and insecure when you know that now he is trying to move on and is open with other girls. You will not have the right to stop him.

3. Physical intimacy

Once you are so used to a comfort level and physical contact with your ex, it becomes very difficult to not get involved physically and remain friends. There will be several times you will not be able to control and you will fall for the urge. You surely don’t want to become friends with benefits.

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