13 Interesting Facts about Blake Lively

13 Interesting Facts about Blake Livel

Blake Lively is born talented; coming from the family of actors she has surely made her name in the industry. She is a good multi-tasker, as she is perfect in acting, modeling and is also a good home maker. Here are some interesting facts about Blake Lively.

1. Do you know that Blake is a sweet homemaker, because she also loves cooking? Actually, she is too inclined towards cooking and takes up cooking classes all over the world. Now, that is one super talent!

2. Blake is too fond of Disney adventures. That is the reason she is often spotted at Disney adventure parks of the world. She had recently visited the Disney park with her friend Ryan Gosling.

3. Blake loves pets and how! But, her taste in pets is a tad different from other celebs around. She had once kept a cute duck as a pet at her home. Now, that is something really cute and different.

4. Blake comes from an actor family. Her father is also a great actor. Not many people are aware of the fact that her father had played her on screen father in the movie ‘Sisterhood of the traveling pants.’

5. Blake is known to be quite friendly with all her co-stars. She likes to hang out and socialize with her friends and co-stars. In fact, she is friends with one of the top actress Julia Roberts. That is so sweet!

6. In the year 2010, Blake was voted as the hottest celeb for Maxim. She was in the top 100 hottest women of the world list, now this is a real honor for her.

7. Blake is a huge music fanatic. In fact, she has her favorites too in the music scene. Her list of all time favorite music artists includes Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. She just loves music.

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