12 Interesting Behind The Scenes Facts About The Harry Potter Movies

12 Interesting Behind The Scenes Facts About The Harry Potter Movies

Finally the day which all we Harry Potter fans have been awaiting has dawned. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 has finally released. And while there are legions of Harry Potter fans all over the world, flocking to the theaters to watch the movie, these facts are known to very few. We bring you interesting behind the scenes information about the Harry Potter movie series. Kill your curiosity by reading fast.

  1. Haven’t you been amused by the variety of outfits Harry Potter wore in his movies. Apparently more than 25,000 items of clothing were worn by Harry, throughout the movie series. More than 600 school uniforms were also created for him.
  2. In order to prevent continuity matters involving falling teeth, a dentist was also asked to stay on the sets to replace the teeth of the young crowd in case of accidents on the sets.
  3. Draco Malfoy’s wife Astoria Greengrass is his real life girlfriend Jade Olivia.
  4. Throughout the movie series, about 250 body casts of actors have been created to show petrifications, deaths and stunning spells.
  5. More than 200 creatures have been made for the Harry Potter series.
  6. On an average, there have been about 250 animals (not including the insects) used for this series.
  7. The giant spider, Aragog the acromantula had a 18 ft. leg span.
  8. The smallest animal used on the sets was a centipede, while the largest was a hippo.
  9. Remember the kittens who went on moving plates in Umbridge’s office? They were about 40 of them and were send for adoption as domestic pets once the shooting was done. Their new owners may not even be aware that they are the same kittens used in a Harry Potter movie.
  10. While filming a scene in Hagrid’s hut, Robbie Coltrane who plays the role of Hagrid, got a fruit bat stuck in his beard. Due to this, he had to cut his beard.
  11. The scene that required the most amount of casts and extras to dress up were the battle scenes in the final movie. It had about 400 Death Eaters and Snatchers. It also had the Great Hall scenes with more than 400 children and teachers present.
  12. Harry Potter’s trademark, the scar on his forehead had to be put on using makeup about 5,800 times. It is not just Daniel Radcliffe who had to wear the scar, but even his doubles and stunt doubles had to wear it on them.

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