10 Funny Excuses To Get Out Of Work

10 Funny Excuses To Get Out Of Work

Whether you’re a journalist, doctor, sales manager, waitress, newsreader or an actor, everyone needs a little break sometimes. Workplace is after all not the coolest place in the world. If given a chance for at least a day, wouldn’t you run away from the monotony of work and have some fun outside? There are so many things you could do. You could go out with your boyfriend, spend time with your family or friends or just relax doing nothing. Lo and behold, I’m going to acquaint you with some of the funniest excuses to get out of work. No doubt they are hilarious, but they might actually save you from facing a foot-in-the-mouth moment at work when you’re asking your boss for a leave. So let’s get started.

  1. I’m stuck inside my house with a mad dog waiting outside for me.
  2. Today’s newspaper horoscope says that if I step out of my house today, I would be involved in an accident.
  3. I’m having a hangover from yesterday’s party and I’m puking all over the place.
  4. My boyfriend just broke up with me. I’m in acute depression, and need to stay at home.
  5. My dog has hidden my shoes.
  6. Last night I was so drunk that I hardly remember anything. I woke up in the morning with a wedding band on my finger. I need to find my husband.
  7. I stepped out of my house and fell into a manhole/drain. I’m stinking real bad.
  8. My ex-boyfriend is stalking me, I need to stay indoors.
  9. I broke my glasses at night and now I can’t see anything properly.
  10. I woke up, thought it was a Sunday and went back to sleep.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. It may sound strange to you, but these excuses have actually been used in real life. And guess what, if the situation demands, it does work!

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