11 Signs Your Husband has Lost Interest in You

11 Signs Your Husband has Lost Interest in You

We all dread it and try each day that such a thing doesn’t happen. But still sometimes, it does. One fine morning, you may get up and realize that your romantic world is not that heaven anymore and that your husband has lost interest in you. The sooner you know about it, the better your chances are to deal with this emotional catastrophe. So read on to know about this list of 11 signs that show your husband has lost interest in you.

1. He doesn’t notice you anymore

If you wear a new dress or get a new haircut, he doesn’t ‘notice’ unless you bring it up.

2. He often forgets things that you tell him to do

Earlier he always remembered and got things done for you, but now you notice that he forgets frequently.

3. He uses more of “Me too” rather than “I love you too”

It means that you are the first one to say “I love you” always and he merely responds robotically “Me too.” You can’t remember the last time he took the initiative and expressed his love first by saying “I love you.”

4. He doesn’t get surprise gifts anymore

You don’t get a gift unless there’s an occasion. It has become all too formal.

5. You get the feeling that he doesn’t really listen

Earlier when you talked, only your voice mattered to him. Now words just seem to fall on his ears and bounce. You constantly get the feeling that he really doesn’t listen to you.

6. He often works late

Earlier he couldn’t wait to get home. Now it’s as if he is finding excuses to stay out of the house or stay longer in the office. His late working hours have become a routine thing.

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