6 Common Mistakes to Avoid During Job Interviews

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid During Job Interviews

While some find a job interview, a cakewalk, others get quite anxious and tensed at the prospect of giving one. The way you present yourself to the company is of utmost importance because many a time even if your resume seems great but your behavior doesn’t appeal to them, they will not give you the job. Make sure you don’t commit any of these prime errors.

1. Not knowing about the company

If you are applying for a position in a big or mid-level company, you ought to know the basic facts about it. Research about the company you aspire to be a part of, for knowing about it will make a good impression on the interviewers. They will appreciate your preparedness.

2. Not smiling or showing enthusiasm

Don’t keep a sour disposition, no matter what sort of job you are applying to. You can show your attitude once you become the one taking interviews of people, but for now, always keep a pleasant smile on your face and show enthusiasm for the job, even if your interviewers look grim and serious.

3. Arriving late

Under no circumstances should you arrive late for an interview. If an emergency comes up, you can always explain the situation and reschedule, but making your prospective employers wait is an absolute no-no. Make sure you leave much before the estimated time it will take to reach there, since traffic and unforeseen delays have to be taken in account.

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