8 Things to Consider Before Traveling Around the World

8 Things to Consider Before Traveling Around the World

Traveling around the world is a dream come true. You enjoy the flavors, fragrances and take a dip into the cultures and languages of a quagmire of countries. However, planning it is the most crucial part and it has to happen in a very organized manner. Here are 8 things that you need to consider before going on trip around the world.

1. Airline alliances to economize your trip

If you are thinking of visiting 75-80 countries, booking independent flight tickets can be an expensive affair. Some alliances offer a coalition of different airlines custom made for a world trip. These turn out to be easy and affordable bookings.

2. Duration of the trip

A trip around the world cannot be rushed; you need to at least consider staying in one place, enough to enjoy the sights and smells in totality. Make sure you are in a mood to relax and plan a very long vacation. Make sure you have no immediate issues to attend to.

3. Least expensive accommodations

So many countries offer cheap hostel accommodation. While you cannot do that in Dubai, Israel or Iran, you need to weigh your options. Hotel accommodations are preferable in Asian and Middle Eastern countries, 6 or 4 bed hostel accommodation work well in Europe. You can also consider staying at a relative’s place in specific destinations to save on food and accommodation.

4. Medicines for allergy and minor illnesses

If you have a prolonged illness like thyroid or diabetes, something that requires you to be on a regulated medication, make sure you keep your prescription with you at all times and stock up your medicines as per your travel duration.

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