8 Foods That Keep You Awake

8 Foods That Keep You Awake

Do you ever wonder why there are some nights when you doze off soundly while there are others when you just keep tossing and turning in your bed without any bit of sleep? Well, it could be that you were just tensed or excited for some reason. But it is also possible that your culinary habit was responsible for the same because how well you sleep at night has as much to do with your tummy as your brain. So if you want a peaceful slumber at night, just avoid the following foods. Check this list of foods that keep you awake.

1. Cheese

You must have noticed how the foods that are insanely tasty are the ones that seem to wreak havoc in your body while the tasteless ones are always recommended for good health. The same goes for cheese as well – the tastier it is, the better it is to avoid them if you want a good night’s sleep. The culprit here is the amino acid tyramine present in cheese that acts as a stimulant and keeps you awake.

2. Chocolate

Bad news for the chocolate lovers! Chocolate acts as a deterrent to a good night’s sleep, especially milk chocolate. Hence if you don’t want to lie awake the entire night, do lose that sweet tooth of yours as milk chocolate contains tyrosine which is converted into dopamine – a stimulant that leaves you alert and sleepless.

3. Spicy foods

Apart from the obvious effects on your tummy and your morning trip to the loo, spicy foods are also responsible for leaving you wide awake at night. So in case you cannot do without them, at least have them early in the day so that they can’t destroy the night for you.

4. Meat

Meat is high in protein and fat and is tough to digest and contains various substances that can have an impact on your energy levels. So in case you dread a sleepless night, go meatless. The meats to especially avoid are processed and smoked meat. Just stay away from bacon and the ham in your fridge and you will do great.

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