11 Awesome Facts About Richard Gere

Awesome Facts About Richard Gere

Richard Gere also known as Richard Tiffany Gere is a versatile Hollywood actor. He started his career in a supporting role, but soon he was known as the ultimate sex symbol of Hollywood. People still remember him as the sweet Edward he played opposite Julia Roberts. Listed below are some awesome facts about Richard you must know, read on.

1. Richard’s claim to fame was with the movie ‘American Gigolo’. It was only after the movie that he got lots of offers for the leading actor’s role. People also called him the ultimate sex symbol of all time.

2. Apart from being a great actor, Richard is also a great musician. He used to play lots of musical instruments when he was in high school. In fact, he had also composed music for his high school musicals. Talk about some hidden talent!

3. Richard Gere was banned from the highly prestigious Oscar awards in the year 1993. It was because he had made anti-China comment that landed him in trouble.

4. Richard Gere was the first celeb who was chosen as sexiest man and most beautiful person in the year 1991 by the People’s magazine. This was indeed an honor for any star. He is truly blessed!

5. Richard is a pure soul that is the reason he has done so much for AIDS awareness and charity worldwide. He is perhaps the most active actor who is involved in AIDS fund raising all over the world.

6. Richard’s acting in the movie ‘Chicago’ was much appreciated at the time of release. In fact, he also won Golden Globe award for the best actor’s performance for the movie.

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