10 Ways To Make Him Miss You

10 Ways To Make Him Miss You

Aren’t you bored of missing him all the while when he’s working or somewhere away from you? Or is it that you can’t stop thinking about him even when you’re doing your work? Well, it’s time to make him miss you and make him know what it feels like to miss someone whom you truly love. We’ll provide you with some nice ways by which you can make him miss you.

1. Send flowers

Sending flowers to him while he is at work will make him miss you and remind him of you too. You can send a bunch of his favorite flowers and attach a note to it which may say – ‘Waiting for the day to get over soon so that you can be with me again’. This keeps him waiting for more of you. If you send these flowers in the morning, he may miss you throughout the day!

2. Send romantic texts

Texting is a relatively easy way to make him miss you, provided you know the right things to say. You should send him texts that are playful as well as romantic. If you’re missing him at that moment, you shouldn’t tell him so directly. Instead, just play around and tease him, remind him about what fun you had yesterday and so on.

3. Leave a reminder

You can deliberately ‘forget’ your watch or bracelet somewhere you know he will find it. If you were staying at his place for the night, you could leave your scent on his pillow or keep any other reminder of yours with him.

4. Make him a bit jealous

A little bit of jealousy is fine in a relationship. If he doesn’t want to go out to a movie or a play with you, don’t sit at home. You could go and have fun with your friends too. Call him when you’re having a good time and say that he really missed all the excitement.

5. Be caring

This rule applies to you disregarding whether you want to make him miss you or not. You should always be caring towards him and understand what he needs. You should just be there for him, like he may be there for you at all times. So if he goes on a trip, he will be reminded of you and your caring ways and miss you terribly.

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