Top 5 Baby Shower Ideas For Boys

Top 5 Baby Shower Ideas For Boys

It is really nice to decorate your baby shower party in the right colors when you know the gender of your baby. This way you can send out funky invitations to tune up your guests to the right mood and help them to get you right gifts. It is easier to plan your food and games for a themed baby shower party too. Let’s take a look at some baby shower ideas for boys.

1. Sports Theme

You can select a general sports theme for your party or you can focus on one kind of sport. If you are planning for your boy to become a soccer or baseball star or you love one of those games, you can customize your party around this sport. Make a list of things you need for a theme party: invitations, plates and cups, balloons, sports favors. If you can get a cake in the form of a soccer ball, it will be fabulous and add flavor to your sports themed baby shower.

2. Car Theme

As we all know, boys are so fond of cars and hence, this is a great theme for a boy’s baby shower. You can ask all your guests to include this car theme into their gifts by selecting clothes with cars on them and so on. You should decorate your baby shower invitations with a car theme too and get disposable plates with colorful cars on them.

3. Frog Theme

Some may say that the color green is a boys color. So you can create another fancy theme out of this green color by having a frog themed baby shower party! There are many green frog theme plates, cups as well as balloons available to get along and have a nice party.

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