3 Ways to Deal With Stretch Marks

3 Ways to Deal With Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are one of the most terrible things to deal with, especially for women. These marks tend to become permanent on one’s skin, and can spoil a person’s looks considerably. This is the reason why stretch marks are a nightmare for people working in glamor related industries. The most common reason behind stretch marks is sudden loss of weight. Apart from that, pregnancy and other factors that lead to the abnormal stretching of skin can also cause these marks. Here are three easy ways to deal with them.

1. Lose weight under guidance

The best way to go about losing weight is to do it under the supervision of an expert, who understands your body and can plan workouts accordingly. An expert will gradually work on your body, to avoid sudden changes that may cause stretch marks. One must know and understand that sudden weight loss, and sudden weight gain both can cause stretch marks, and both need regulated and properly monitored exercises to avoid them.

2. Pamper your skin

While losing weight or doing any form of rigorous physical work, it is important to keep nourishing the skin with proper scrubbing and moisturizing. That will ensure that new skin cells are regenerated at a good pace, and leave you with healthy and supple skin, instead of loose skin with stretch marks. Regular massages on the body also help to get healthy, marks-free skin. Coconut oil is considered to be the best when it comes to lightening of any marks on the body. Apart from that, one can also try Baby oil, with added Vitamin E and glycerine.

3. Eat right

Needless to say, one needs to eat right. Most skin related issues could be sorted if the person is eating healthy. This means that one needs to consume a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables high in vitamins and minerals, for the healthy regeneration of skin cells. Our skin reflects what we eat, and with a healthy diet, chances of stretch marks occurring are minimal. One should especially focus on consuming more foods with Vitamin C in them.

There are of course, other ways to lighten up stretch marks, which include laser and other forms of surgical options. Then there are over-the-counter gels, lotions and capsules too. However, all of these have their own pros and cons, and may or may not suit all kinds of people. Therefore, it is always a good idea to first consult with an expert before taking any step.

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