Do Men Find Anorexic Women Beautiful?

Do Men Find Anorexic Women Beautiful?

During our conversation with Mark and Jay, stylists of our local salon, we talked about anorexia and anorexic women. We asked them, “Do men really like anorexic women?” What followed was a really interesting conversation. Here’s what we found out.

“Skinny is good, anorexic is bad”

Mark who finds skinny women pretty says, “There is a big difference between being skinny and being anorexic. Genetically, many women seem to have a skinny body structure. But that does not mean that they are anorexic. There are many extra slim celebrities like Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham who look great. That’s because they are not anorexic”. Okay Mark, we got your point.

“Men sometimes prefer buxom women”

“What about men who like buxom women? They don’t find anorexic women beautiful at all”, said Jay, finishing up his last bit of accounts at the salon, calling it a day. We think Jay has got a good point here because men who like buxom and healthy women may find ‘too-skinny’ or anorexic women a turn off. “A guy who finds Kim Kardashian to be the woman of his dreams, will not be attracted to Paris Hilton, let alone anorexic women”, he remarks.

“We don’t like the bones”

Mark and Jay both, in agreement, said that “Men will generally not find women who have visible protruding bones, attractive”. Jay adds to this by asking, “Can you imagine how bad it’d look if an anorexic woman walked out in a bikini on the beach? Would you like to see the sight of a protruding rib cage or shoulder blades?”

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  1. RealHumanInsideandOut says:

    actually, its common knowledge that Victoria Beckham is an anorexia sufferer, so to define her as a naturally slim person who is beautiful is a little disheartening to all those who want to look desirable who don’t want to suffer from a disease. 🙁

  2. RealHumanInsideandOut says:

    not to mention that this is your ‘buxom’ girl T.T

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