7 Things that Girls Love Hearing from their Boyfriends

7 Things that Girls Love Hearing from their Boyfriends

Girls love indulging in romance, flirting and exchanging sweet nothings with their boyfriends. They love being pampered silly and being spoiled by their boyfriends. But what are the specific things that girls would love hearing from their boyfriends? Here are some of them.

1. You are looking beautiful

Women love receiving compliments about their looks from everyone, especially their boyfriends. They love hearing that they are looking beautiful, their dress is looking pretty, their hairdo is looking awesome and their accessories are really cool. Even if women are wearing just a simple pair of denims, they would love to be showered with compliments about how hot they look.

2. You have lost weight

No matter how slim a woman is, she will still love hearing from her boyfriend that she looks slim. Women are generally known to like having a good figure and they would love their boyfriends to say that they have lost some weight or they are looking curvaceous. Also, when women ask their boyfriends whether they have put on weight or not, they are not looking for righteous answers but want to hear that their bodies are perfect.

3. You were right

Which woman wouldn’t like her boyfriend to confess that he was wrong and she was right? Women love getting acknowledgement from their boyfriends that they were right about something. They feel a sense of satisfaction and get an ego boost on knowing that their boyfriends confessed to them being right.

4. You are the best

Women are known to naturally harbor a competitive spirit with other women. This could be in regards to their looks, career or personal life. They like comparing themselves to other women and judging how better or worse off they are. Women love it when their boyfriends tell them that they are the best among all. They feel on the top on the world when they get to hear something like this from their partners.

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