7 Tips to be Kind to Everyone Around You

7 Tips to be Kind to Everyone Around You

Kindness is one of the virtues that you should have to become a good human being. Being kind encompasses politeness, generosity, benevolence and sympathy. These are the traits required to win everyone’s hearts and to live a life full of grace. Here are a few ways you can be kind to everyone around you.

1. Listen to other people

You need to listen to people around you if you want to be kind. Stop thinking about yourself all the time and open your ears to the worries and woes of other people. You can be kind to everyone by helping people or sympathizing with them only if you know what their problems are. An open heart, an open mind and an open pair of ears are the prerequisites for being a kind person.

2. Be empathetic

Being empathetic means that you have the ability to put yourself in the place of others and feel their pain. Saying fake polite words to others does not make you a kind person. Being responsive to the pain or needs of other people by putting yourself in their situation, is what will make you genuinely kind.

3. Learn to put up with people you don’t like

Being kind is not just about being nice to people you like. Kindness also includes being generous and polite to people you don’t like. Learn to find out positive qualities in the people you dislike. Try to be tolerant of them and let go of your negative emotions towards them. Once you do this, you will find that it is easier to show them kindness rather than have feelings of hatred towards them.

4. Give other people compliments

When you want to show kindness to people you don’t know too well, giving them compliments is the easiest thing you can do to break the ice. You can compliment people on what they are wearing, how they are looking, what they said or any other behavioral traits that you may have liked. This will instantly put the other person at ease and make them see you as a kind person.

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