6 Reasons Why Swimming is Good for You

6 Reasons Why Swimming is Good for You

Swimming has been recommended as a very good exercise unanimously by fitness experts and a good hobby for children by parents. So what it is about swimming that attracts so many people to it? Here are a few reasons why swimming is good for you.

1. It helps you burn many calories at once

Swimming is known to be an excellent exercise which can help you burn many calories in one go. It is a sport which requires you to use all your limbs along with the strength of your whole body to glide in the water. Swimming for an hour is known to equal sweating it out for a few hours at the gym. So if you want to lose weight, swimming could be a better option for you than hitting the gym.

2. It makes exercising fun

Swimming is not just about getting into the pool and doing a few laps. If you are swimming with friends or family, it could become an enjoyable social activity. If you are swimming with kids, it can become an exercise which is fun. Instead of jogging on a track endlessly for hours or walking on the treadmill, you can make exercising fun by taking up swimming.

3. It can refresh you after a long day

Just like a shower can refresh you after a long and tiring day, taking a dip in the pool too can rejuvenate you in the same way. If you feel that going to the gym after a long day at work is difficult, you can swim instead. Not only will the feel of water refresh and recharge you, but you will also burn a few calories. Experts have also claimed that swimming is a meditative process and can effectively reduce stress.

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