50 Reasons Why You Must Love Your Father

50 Reasons Why You Must Love Your Father

My father is my Hero; the meaning of the line is simple. Every child wants to be like his or her father. Most of the kids see their father as their idol. On this fathers day, here are 50 reasons why you must love your father.

1. Your father is a leader who will guide you through life.

2. Your father is your inspiration because he inspires you.

3. He teaches you the value of being humble and kind to people.

4. He teaches you to smile even when the situation is tough.

5. He teaches you that vision is important to achieve success in life.

6. He makes you smile when you are in a grim mood.

7. He has a great taste on things around.

8. He teaches you to excel and make your way when the road is rough.

9. He helps you with your studies, so that it becomes easy to learn.

10. He teaches you the meaning of peace.

11. He plays games with you, even when he does not wish to.

12. He cannot dance, but makes an effort to put a smile on your face.

13. He can preach and help you to find a way.

14. He knows his place in life and stays grounded.

15. He commits to whatever he promises you.

16. He cannot sing but still he tries for you.

17. He plays cricket, football, and basketball with you.

18. He has answers for all your questions.

19. He thinks big, and wants you to do the same.

20. He has a big heart; so when you apologize, he melts.

21. He teaches you the meaning of life.

22. He has great friends and wants you to have the same.

23. He always wins a game of chess with you.

24. He knows how to fix a computer or a laptop.

25. He can also cook for you.

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