5 Reasons Why You Should Go Green

Reasons Why You Should Go Green

It is now more than clear that the way we live is not going to be sustainable for many years. The resources like water, oil and trees are depleting at a fast rate and unless we do something about it, the world will no longer be able to sustain humankind. One of the ways the damage can be reversed and a way in which men can live a sustainable life is to go green. Going green is not so difficult and there are so many positives about it. Here are some reasons as to why everyone should go green.

1. It is environmentally friendly

Going green is definitely environmentally friendly as you live a life that is more or less close to nature and does not make indiscriminate use of the already fragile resources. A paperless office or home is also about going green and going without paper for even a day can save thousands of tress from being felled. Battery operated vehicles also ensure that there is less amount of petrol and diesel used and less emissions into the atmosphere.

2. It saves you a lot on your energy bills

Going green cuts down your energy bills to a sizable amount. Going green is not only about using less energy in your house but also about building a house that brings in as much as light and fresh air as possible. It is also about furnishing the house in such a way that whatever energy you do use is done efficiently.

3. It is the in thing now

Although it started small and many thought it would be a passing fad, the lifestyle of going green has stayed put without a lot of people making conscious efforts to stay green. If not for anything you should go green at least because it is definitely a very hip thing to do.

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