6 Skin Care Resolutions to Make This Year

6 Skin Care Resolutions to Make This Year

You may have made New Year resolutions to achieve your dreams, improve your inter personal relationships or make that much needed career jump. But have you forgotten to add skincare to your resolutions bandwagon? Here are a few important and vital skincare resolutions that you can make in 2013.

1. Go natural

2013 is clearly the year of going green and completely natural. Try to replace your chemical based makeup with natural ingredients including honey, aloe vera, jojoba oil, milk cream and shea butter. The internet is strewn with DIY skin treatments and remedies that are doable at home and totally natural. You may have been putting this off because it can be a little tedious, but once you fall into the routine and habit of using natural ingredients, you will be en route to fulfilling an important skincare resolution for 2013.

2. Don’t tempt yourself to buy lesser known brands for a cheaper price

Before you reach out for that mega beauty pack on sale at the supermarket, remind yourself of this skincare resolution. It can be very tempting to succumb to a one plus one free offer on lesser known beauty products that may be up for clearance. Steer clear of such purchases that can potentially harm your skin. If you are big on saving money on skincare, track offers on your favorite brands and wait for a good bargain to come your way.

3. Visit the dermatologist once in a while

Women may visit their GPs or gynecologists frequently, but a dermatologist rarely figures in the picture. Scan your body in the mirror and check for any moles or unusual scars. Even if you don’t find any, visit your dermatologist for a regular check up. Make this skincare resolution so that you don’t procrastinate your appointment anymore.

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