10 Things You Must Know About Your Boyfriend

10 Things You Must Know About Your Boyfriend

“Selena, did you know that my boyfriend hates if I spend too much time on my girls’ night outs?”, said Bosky, over a cup of tea. “On the other hand, my man loves it when I surprise him with homemade baked goodies”, said Bosky. Taking off from Bosky and Selena’s conversation, here are the top ten things you must know about your guy.

1. He loves his gizmos

“I never interrupt him when he’s working with his techie gizmos or his cars in the shed. They’re so dear to him that he hates anyone messing around with it”, said Bosky. “That’s true. Men love their wheeled friends. This is something you must know about your guy”, said Selena.

2. He’ll always come home to you

“This is something interesting that you must know about your guy, especially if he’s the Casanova type”, said Selena. “If you’re his true love, he’ll always come home to you, no matter how much he flirts with other women”, she added.

3. He hates talking about exes

“Whether it’s my ex or his ex, he just hates talking about exes in general”, said Bosky. “Yes, the reason you must know this trait about your guy is because guys are usually conditioned to think about the future, not about mulling about the past”, replied Selena.

4. He hates it when you become a grumpy box

“We love complaining, whining and being grumpy, only with the intention of being pampered and gaining attention, but men hate that”, said Selena. “I agree. This is a fact that you must know about your guy so that you don’t get into trouble”, replied Bosky.

5. He will be blunt about his feelings

“If my boyfriend doesn’t like something I do, he tells me straight on the face”, said Bosky. “That’s the way men are, Bosky. They say it straight to the point!”, replied Selena. Now, did you know this fact about your guy?

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