Top 15 Tips On Contact Lens Care

 Top 15 Tips On Contact Lens Care

Eyes are the most sensitive organ of your body and require a lot of care and pamper. These days, contact lenses are very common and widely used by people. Many use contact lenses in order to make their eyes look beautiful. But like any other artificial aid, lenses also have many drawbacks and the top most is that they require a lot of care and attention, as they come in direct contact with your eyes. Any problem with regards contact lenses can be lethal for your eyes. Hence, we’ve compiled a list of tips on contact lens care.

1. Wash your hands

The very first need is to wash your hands before touching your contact lenses or your eye. Your hands may carry germs and impurities which can get transferred to the lenses from the hands and from lenses to the eyes. Also, after washing your hands, do not forget to dry them using a clean towel as the residue of soap can also cause irritation in eyes.

2. Clean your lenses

As much as washing hands is important, cleaning your contact lenses before wearing them is also crucial. You must always clean your contact lenses with a proper lens solution, with your index finger. Ensure a good quality lens solution. Clean the lenses before wearing and even after use to remove any particles that may have accumulated on the surface of the lenses. Always keep them immersed in the solution, in a clean lens case.

3. Clean lens case

Clean your lens case every day and make sure you change it every two months.

4. Follow the instructions

Wear your contact lenses as suggested by your doctor. Also, there are some lenses that have to be used for six months, others for a year, and few must be used only for a day. Make sure you discard the lenses after the recommended time period.

5. Eye allergy

In case of eye allergy, discontinue using the lenses and see a doctor. Follow the prescriptions. Using infected lenses might be dangerous.

6. Avoid contact with water

Remove your lenses before washing your face in order to prevent your lenses from coming in contact with any kind of infection or impurity.

7. Keep them lubricated

In order to keep your eyes lubricated, use a rewetting solution or a plain saline solution.

8. Avoid other people’s lenses

Never use another person’s eye lenses. This might spread any kind of infection that the other person has.

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