5 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid While on a Date

5 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid While on a Date

Whether it’s a blind date or your first or any numbered one, you always should present yourself well. It’s like etching a first impression on someone’s mind. The ways in which you act, behave or respond on a date will determine if there will be another one or not. Sometimes, even if you don’t say anything stupid or inappropriate, your body language sends out an unfriendly signal and the person you are dating might think if you have made a mistake. Here are 5 body language mistakes that you should avoid on your date.

1. Bad posture

Slouching, not sitting upright and eating with your one hand on your head shows a lack of interest, even low sense of self esteem and confidence. The person may look at you and not be impressed at all. Your sexiest outfit cannot conceal your posture.

2. Looking at the clock

While in a restaurant, if you are found repeatedly staring at the wall clock or checking for time on your wrist watch, it sends out the signal that you are getting bored and you are waiting to get out from there. It’s a major turn off.

3. Getting too close

In the initial dates, if you tickle his toes with yours or try to make an intimate move, it can show that you’re desperate and only looking at getting laid. Do not drag your chair too close or try to be in his face. Maintain some physical distance.

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