5 Fun Drinking Games for The Holiday Season

 5 Fun Drinking Games for The Holiday Season

No Christmas party can be complete without playing a few drinking games. After all, it’s time to be merry! So hop along and find some cool drinking games that you adults can enjoy.

1. James Bond

To play this game, you need to watch any ‘James Bond’ movie. This is a 2-player game, though all the members in the house can also play it. Give them large glasses of beer. When anyone in the movie says ‘James’, all players have to drink twice, when someone in the movie says ‘Bond’, the players again have to drink twice. When the name ‘James Bond’ is said, everyone has to finish their glasses. The winner will be the one who can drink as many glasses of beer, without losing sanity and stays till the end of the movie.

2. Beer Pitcher

In this game, empty beer cans into a large jug or pitcher. Everyone takes turns at drinking from the pitcher. There is no limit as to how much they should drink in one turn. The person who drinks the remaining beer from the pitcher and empties it is the winner. The loser is the one who has drunk immediately before the winner. He/she pays for the next round of beer.

3. Vodka Roulette

This one is an interesting luck game. The host/hostess of the party has to prepare a shot glass for everyone filled with water. However, fill one with vodka. Ask everyone to take a shot. The person who has the vodka will surely be surprised! He/she will step out for the next round. Continue the game until the last person is left who will be declared the winner.

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