10 Sensual Valentine’s Day Ideas

10 Sensual Valentine's Day Ideas

Passion is the staple of Valentine’s Day celebrations. So here’s how you can heat things up this Valentine’s Day by making use of these 10 steamy and sensual ideas:

1. Treat each other to aromatic massage therapies

There’s nothing quite as relaxing and arousing as an aromatic massage therapy by using aromatic and nourishing oils. So go ahead, take a chill pill and enjoy the massage sessions. You can either take turns giving each other full body massage or alternatively can go for couple massage sessions offered by many spas.

2. Play Love Treasure Hunt

How about playing treasure hunt with a twist? Prepare clues and hide the treasure in form of some sexy rewards. With each achievement, the winner gets a kiss, hug, caress and the likes

3. Gift each other sexy coupons

Prepare some sexy coupons with romantic messages like ‘This coupon entitles you to a passionate French kiss. Valid till tonight’, ‘This coupon entitles you to a night full of passion’ and the likes. Gift each other these coupons. Redeeming them will be lots of fun.

4. Plan an exclusive intimate dance party for each other

How about having an exclusively personal dance party just for each other? Heat things up, choose some sexy romantic music and get things going. There’s nothing quite as sexy and arousing as some intimate dance together. Just go with the flow and leave all reservations behind.

5. Cook up a steamy sensual dinner full of aphrodisiacs

The way to heart definitely leads through the stomach. Then how about making that good old candle night dinner even more sensual by adding some aphrodisiacs to the menu? So go ahead and include foods like oysters, chocolate dipped strawberries and the likes to make your dinner steamy, sexy and sensual.

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