8 Signs He is a Good Guy

8 Signs He is a Good Guy

Suppose you meet a guy and have a crush on him. How do you make out if he is a good guy who you can trust or expect to have a long term relationship with? Read on to know about the signs of a good guy and spot one easily with the help of these tips.

1. He respects you as a woman

A good guy can be spotted by looking at the way he treats women. It could be offering a seat to a lady in a packed bus, talking to women politely or being chivalrous and opening the door for a girl. You can instantly recognize a good man by observing his behavior towards women.

2. He always picks up the check

The idea here is not to feel happy about a guy paying for your meal, but to use it as a means to spot a good guy. When a guy picks up the check every time, it simply means that he has good manners which may have stemmed from good upbringing.

3. He never hurls abuses even during a fight

A good guy will never stoop down to the level of using swear words or hurl abuses in public with whoever he is fighting. Even if he is in a bad mood, he will make it a point to restrain his language and choice of words. Good guys also tend to be aware of the fact that they shouldn’t use filthy language while arguing with a girl, especially when he likes her.

4. He talks well of his family

If you ever see a guy talking ill about his family, you can assume that there may be something wrong with him. Even if good guys have problems with their families, they wouldn’t generally speak badly about them in front of others.

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