6 Study Habits Of Good Students

6 Study Habits Of Good Students

At school or college, there are always a few students who are very good at studies, while there are others who are not so good in academics. The latter ones are usually left wondering, what is it that good students do differently to be where they are? Do these students study for extra number of hours or do they take some secret pills?

The truth is, the kind of education that one receives in the classroom is the same for everyone. Courses and syllabuses are designed to suit all kinds of people, so there is really nothing to blame there. However, how one ‘grasps’ that knowledge, is where all the difference lies. While some people understand concepts very quickly and have good memory power, there are others who need to learn things repeatedly to make them stay in their head.

Listed here are some study habits of good students that others too can incorporate in their life to improve their grades.

1. Good students take notes

A very important thing that good students do is to take notes in class. Not everything that the professor says in class will stay in your head by the time you reach home, or by the time you sit down for your exams at the end of the semester. So you’ve got to take notes that you can constantly refer to for revision purposes.

2. Good students have a dedicated study space

Proper learning doesn’t happen just about anywhere and everywhere. You need a proper room, one that is well lit and silent. Or even if you prefer studying in your bedroom, have a dedicated study table where you can sit in the correct posture to study attentively, rather than just lying down in your bed. You need a space where phones and computers are far away, so that you don’t get tempted to use them.

3. Good students enhance their texts visually

Highlight important lines and definitions in your textbooks and in your notes. Organize chapters in the form of keywords that can be put in a flow chart. Make tables for concepts where comparisons are mentioned. Do whatever it takes to make things simpler by use of headings and subheadings. These are easier to go through visually rather than reading mundane and big paragraphs. The more visually enhancing your texts are, the more they will help in having a photographic memory that triggers other things around the keywords you remember.

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