6 Reasons to Unfriend Someone on Facebook

Reasons to Unfriend Someone on Facebook

Facebook helps you connect with friends you have completely lost touch with, new friends and acquaintances who you would have probably not interacted with if not for this virtual platform. Sometimes, you have so many friends in your list that you lose track of how you know them. And there are times when certain people can only be a menace on your list. Here are 6 reasons why you might want to unfriend someone on Facebook.

1. No love lost!

You may have just added a friend because you knew them in school or college. You have never been friends; you also never have or will like them. You don’t want your mutual friends to think that you are holding a grudge. But somewhere down the line you realize there is no point being friends with them on Facebook too.

2. Cyber harassment

A certain mutual friend has been added through this medium. You don’t know him too well but since you share a common workplace or college, you added him. Now he is cyber stalking you by sending you messages, commenting on your pictures and for all you know even downloading them. Aside from blocking your pictures, you can remove him from your friends list.

3. Fake identity

It can happen that someone you know only by name or because they belong to your larger circle, you add them without verifying their identity. You could check with your mutual friends about the identity of this person and his existence on virtually everyone’s friend list. He could just be an unknown person pretending to know you and your friends. Beware of such people and unfriend them immediately.

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