10 Reasons Why You Would Want To Quit Facebook

5. Has cheesy status messages

As if you are surrounded with less fake people in real life, that you have to face cheesy status messages by people over Facebook. When they are your own friends, sometimes it becomes socially mandatory to comment over them. It is like someone is putting a gun on your forehead and asking you to be a part of the corny kingdom!

6. Is conventional

You may have at least a hundred friends around you. Out of them, there may be only one who won’t be a part of this community. Come on, think different? You don’t need to always listen to the crowd. Why Facebook? There are many other sites like Twitter, Google Plus and many more communities that you can join. Big deal if all of them don’t have the coolest people out there. You can be the one to may it cool. Just like a wise person once said, ‘Trends don’t just become, we make them.’ Here’s your chance to be a trend setter!

7. Leads to social embarrassment

Imagine the embarrassment when your high school friends put up a totally weird picture of yours on Facebook, and then to make matters worst tag you on it! Result being, you are a laughing stock at work and among your new friends, in front of whom you try to act civilized. If you go to untag yourself, your friends may simply accuse you of not being a sport.

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